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What our Customers have to say

I am a vegan and do not consume any processed sugar as well. I also work on keeping the body fit and in good shape. Brawny Bear has come in as a great blessing. It tastes yum, provides loads of sustained energy and is such a great option to go to when there is that sugar yearning.

Ved Krishna

Every once in a while a product comes that shakes things up! This is it! A fantastic tasting product. Made with care and focus on each of the ingredients. Power-packed with energy... One warning though you will want to eat more and more....

Ashdin Doctor

I am an ultramarathoner/ Tri-athlete and an open water long-distance swimmer. I have used Brawny Bear products for the last two years as a pre-workout and find all their products viz The OG high nutrition powder not only nutritious and tasty but highly effective in giving sustained energy. I found the products to be high in quality and like the fact that they are natural and don't use any preservatives.

Moiz Rajkotwala